Month: February 2016

Spaghetti Siciliana and Pork Ribs!

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Hey guys.

So, after a long day of intellectual slavery with no food, except a pack of Haribos, I decided to treat myself to a delicacy. I had spent over 18 quid two days ago purchasing tomatoes, chillies and bell peppers, hoping to make stew with pork, but today was not to be that day.

I had also acquired a special sauce to go with my spaghetti on the aforementioned day, so I was delighted I would not have to cook from scratch!

Please find below my signature ‘Spaghetti Siciliana  and Grilled Pork Ribs recipe below!



Raw Spaghetti

Raw Pork ribs

Sainsbury’s Siciliana pasta sauce

chicken seasoning

Amoy Soy sauce







Aluminium foil paper

3 wooden spoons

2 pots

A grill



  1. Add spaghetti to boiling water and season with salt and chicken seasoning (To save time, boil water in an electric first), and mix with wooden spoon 1
  2. Contemporaneously, season pork rib with salt, Amoy Soy sauce and Sainsbury’s chicken seasoning and grill ……….   IMG_0194.CR2.
  3. Heat up Siliciana sauce, mix with wooden spoon 2  and add water.
  4. When starts boiling, add salt. This neutralises its ‘tomatoey’ taste.
  5. Add cooked spaghetti into the sizzling Siciliana and mix with your wooden spoon 3 until ‘jollofy’….loool!



5.  Serve with ribs!





It tasted really great, kinda like Nigeria Jollof spaghetti; more tomatoey than peppery!

Try out the recipe and let me have your thoughts:)


Photo Credit:

Ose Binitie



London Poetry

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A city where you drink tap water with no worries,

But get infected by the latter phrase.

Of tubes, tunnels and crossword puzzles,

Where underground musicians literally live their name!


Stellar architecture, with more squares than streets, I kid!

Where your eggs and milk get frozen in the fridge,

And you’d say ‘I’m going to Bank’ and are correct.


I hear the train stop at ‘Warwick Avenue’ and I remember Duffy

‘Tottenham Court Road’ reads ‘Welcome Home!’…oh what a joy.

‘Shepherd’s Bush’…the tale of a cold, sly hairdresser

‘London Bridge’ a taste of Legal London,

rendering me incredulous to every woe I ever faced!

But ‘Holborn’ my favourite, is where I rub minds with professors

And sharpen my intellectual  curiousity.


Tis all that and more,

Best believe.