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#HellurrrandomReview: Of Glamorous Conditioners and Lovely Soufflés!

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Hellurr nachy girlies!

I tried the Garnier shampoo and conditioner today and I was wowed! I loved the smell of the shampoo and conditioner with tinges of honey. The conditioner worked wonders, setting my natural curls in place. My hair felt utter soft as i worked my comb through the strands. It was such pleasure. The hair actually looked naturally gelled.

The dark and Lovely coil moisturizing soufflé flavoured with my favourite fruit-mango, and bamboo milk softened and made my natural curls  slightly larger. It was not a dramatic enhancement of curls, but it was an enhancement all the same. But it definitely made my hair softer! The product has the texture of edible soufflé and does smell like ice cream!

I’m definitely gonna keep using these products!


Say Hellurr to Aida’s Bakeshop!

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screenshot_2017-01-22-18-38-29-1 screenshot_2017-01-21-12-45-44-1

Hellurr  Dessert Lovers!

Cake and muffin connoisseurs, I have a new treat for y’all in the City of Lagos.

Cinnamon rolls and glazed doughnuts are the new normal,  and Aida’s Bakeshop is the go-to-place!

Tantalise your tastebuds with decadent red velvet cakes, classic muffins and iced cupcakes in sleek packages.

It’s cooler than anything you’ve seen on the cooking channel. That’s for sure!


Call/whatsapp +2348089542601 to place your orders!



screenshot_2017-01-06-20-33-57-1screenshot_2017-01-08-21-29-01-1screenshot_2017-01-06-20-34-03-1screenshot_2017-01-06-20-33-27-1screenshot_2017-01-06-20-33-13-1screenshot_2017-01-06-20-33-20-1screenshot_2017-01-06-20-33-46-1screenshot_2017-01-06-20-33-33-1Bt-dubs, Aida’s Bakeshop is doing a New Year’s giveaway via instagram!!

A free box of yummy dessert goodies is up for grabs if you:

1. Follow @aidas_bakeshop

2. Like, repost this image and tag @aidas_bakeshopscreenshot_2017-01-11-13-15-30-1

3. Tag your friends!

#whachuwaitingfor !!!



British Buns and Their Severity!

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London Town has awesome street style, but one that has stood out to me is the severity of the buns of the lady folk.

Whether you’re wearing your hair negro natural or causasian curly, sleek asian or in braids, the classic bun always ties up your look!

Just ask these ladies!



20170108_154303 20170108_151125 20170108_151120

All you need is hair conditioner and a good helping of self will, depending on how tight you want your bun.

If you love how hair gel gets your edges laid, it will also give you a smacking effect.

Add Bobby pins to smoothen shorter strands and this look can be pulled with big hoopy earrings for an urban/edgy look or without jewelery for that flawless finish

Ladies, pull off your severe buns and tag @hellurrrandom on instagram!


Looking forward to seeing your pics!




Hellurr! Zara Winter Sale On!

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zara woman-saleaw16-v-en-gb_1_1_1


If you’re not afraid of severe bangs or high heeled T-Bar sandals, then Zara is home. Ever feel like you could rock those staggering fashion pieces on your own runway in your backyard or to work? Holla at Zara! This is the place where everyone understands your eccentric/electic side and shows you mad respeck. Here there’s no place for negative fashion vibes. You can come here and be yourself. Go on then and rock your block heels, bright coloured lipstick or even your classy understated but incredibly ‘riche’fashion sense.

Head over to Oxford Street and check out the winter sale!

I just might be there waiting!




PS: You could also order online here! 



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Something Touristy: Downtown, Abbey Road Studios

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Lool…as if Abbey Road Studios were actually downtown. I had to take the train and travel 2 tube lines. But it was so worth it!

If you’re a fan of rock and roll, scratch that… if you are a hardcore music lover, this studio should mean something to you, as countless Grammy award winners have recorded here.

There’s an encyclopedia of music names that have graced the studios from The Beatles, to Pink Floyd  to U2 to Amy Winehouse to Adele, Coldplay, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Dido, Michael Buble, Kanye West, you name it!


But this studio is however mostly associated with the Beatles.  They named their 1969 album Abbey Road, the year the studio got renamed Abbey Road Studios.

At 85 years old, the oldest recording studio stands tall, inaccessible to the public but holds such legend that tourists (500,000 a year) swarm every day taking pictures of the studios at the famous pedestrian crossing on Abbey Road.

The iconic photo of the Beatles walking across the pedestrian crossing has been recreated by countless tourists and music fans who check the place out.  I just struck a pose, too excited to walk across.



There’s a souvenir shop just beside the studios filled with keepsakes too bounteous to singly acquire!

I signed my name here. Can you spot it?

From photographs to key holders, umbrellas, notebooks, mugs, fridge magnets, mouse pads, jewelry, oyster card jackets, Inside Abbey Studio books, postcards of vintage microphones, I had a good think before I picked my booty!





img_0984 img_0991


img_0953 img_0987 img_0994

There were pocket synthesizers for sale and on display for sampling, to create spunky techno riffs.


The shop was also filled with so much history, going chronologically as seen on the walls above, as well as in pictures inside the shop.

img_0849 img_0953

There were also books for sale on music, the history of music and music icons, as well as photography.img_0976    img_1015

My souvenirs!

I had so much fun and felt so at home that I went twice. I’d still love to go again, and this time, right into the studios proper. Thankfully, I can, with Google partnering with Abbey Road Studios to create an app that takes me right to where the most innovative records were created.


Download Inside Abbey Road app here!


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Ose Binitie

Travelogue: All’s Well That Ends in Grantham!

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All’s well that ends in the steady town of Grantham, where the United Kingdom royals stop over to rest on their way to distant  places.

I stopped over at the Guildhall Town Centre, remniscent of a building in Sagamu (picture above).

Hometown of the legendary Conservative Prime Minister, Thatcher, Margaret, in the heart of Isaac Newton’s school town, Linconshire, I had quite a learning experience.

Visiting the  Kesteven and Sleaford High School where Thatcher won loads of prizes, I was more than inspired.

Margaret Thatcher (nee Roberts was Head Girl in 1943
Margaret Thatcher (nee Roberts) was Head Girl in 1943


img_1326 img_1336 img_1342


Another highlight of my trip to Grantham, Lincolnshire was stopping over at Alli’s Breakfast House for a massive brunch. The ambience was nice with a framed photograph of Central Park, New York.


img_1134 img_1133 img_1145 img_1136


I had the mixed steak with chips, gammon, bacon,  steak, sunny side up, mushrooms and a buttered toast as aside dish with extra jam which went nicely with my Yazoo chocolate drink. It was lovely, filling and satisfying.

I also visited a private museum called Ellys Manor House,  filled with English Renaissance Wall Paintings albeit restricted photography. I got a postcard remniscent of the  image below, which was really nice.


Lincolnshire was an amazing place to visit, a laid back community fit for raising kids with a sturdy agrarian people who contribute food to the world.

It’d be a pleasure to go back!



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Ose Binitie

#FoodReview: The M&S Hoisin Duck Wrap

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Say hellurr to the M&S Hoisin Duck Wrap.

Savour this indulgent tortilla wrap stuffed with  British duck in  its roasty goodness, an unforgettable hoisin and plum sauce, as well as spinach, spring onions and succulent cucumber bits.

If I ever tasted the colour purple, I’d say it was akin to the M&S hoisin and plum sauce. It was indeed love at first bite with this wrap.

I’d say it’d be a great packed lunch for work or school, and could eat it hot or cold, depending on your preference.

It’s M&S all the way, y’all!





img_1427  img_1460 img_1463 img_1464







 Image Credit: Ose Binitie