#Poise101: 10 Poise and Etiquette Quotes from my Favourite People.

What is etiquette?



#Hellurr ladies and gentlemen.


Whenever I remember my favourite quotes, I’m reminded of how I felt when I first heard them. I remember the wit, the humour, the lesson and the people who learnt them with me, and of course, the coolness of whoever made the quote.

What I love most is when I repeat these quotes organicallyūüėä

Etiquette is super important, and it is also learned. These quotes remind me of how I am to portray myself as a lady, and hope you remember the same and enjoy them as you read them with me.

See below my favourite etiquette quotes:

1. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

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2. A lady knows that false congeniality is as obvious as bad false eyelashes ~ Candace Simpson-Giles

3.¬†‘May I be excused is quite sufficient. There’s no need to describe the gory details’

4 ¬†‘A lady is that which is a Lady at all times’

5.¬†Gentlemen should not snap a lady’s finger between theirs; she is not a homeboy ~ Oyinkansade Fabikun

6. A lady does not feel the urge to wear eight rings on one hand ~ Candace Simpson-Giles

Oyin Aboaba Sunmoni. Style by Oyinlolus. Toujours elegant

7. ‘Elegance is not about being noticed; it’s about being remembered’ ~ Giorgio Armani¬†

what is poise?
Image Credit: @etiquettebykanyin

8. Nobles always assume a straight spine~Oyinkansade Fabikun.

Nobles always assume a straight spine ~ Oyinkansade Fabikun

9.¬†Sometimes, it is okay to ‘form’~ Toju Fregene

What is poise?

10.¬†Little courtesies, like ‘Thank you’, ‘Sorry to trouble you’, ‘Would you be so kind as to?’ are the hallmark of good breeding…Dale Carnegie

Bt-dubs, I like to add ‘sorry to be a bother’…Candace Simpson Giles says thatūüėä

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