#Fashion: Trends Gleaned from #LFDW 2017 Street Style

Hellurr Fashion Loving Folk!

There were so many elements that made #LDFW fun this year. But of course, year in year out, street style is a sure thing to feed our eyes and expand our style palette. I could not help but notice a few trends on the green carpet, some of which I plan to try out pretty soon!




1.  Ankara Tops and Bottoms

These came in 2 dimensions: where the top and bottom were of the same material and where there was a mixing and matching of ankara patterns. Noble Igwe and his crew donned on some Ankara shorts, which I think would make a proper beach look. I loved it’s distinctiveness on the green carpet for #LFDW


Image Credit: Pulse

2 . Centre Parting Ghana Weaving

Image Credit: Lakin Ogunbanwo
#LFDW Street Style
Image Credit: Lakin Ogunbanwo
Image Credit: Lakin Ogunbanwo

This hausa-esqye trend was showcased by style woman herself, Omoyemi Akerele Founder of #LFDW and Style House Files, Ijeoma as well as Zara Odu of Style Consciate

3. Patterened Trousers

Apart from the matching ankara tops and bottoms, I saw a lot of guys and ladies as well sporting patterned pants. From geometric print to ankara bottoms, patterned trousers are definitely a great element to spice up your look!

Image credit : pulse.ng
Image credit : pulse.ng

4. Sneakers

Sneakers go on anything, be it a dress or on a top with an ankara skirt. Gone are the days where we wear sneaks merely on jeans. The versatility that comes with wearing sneakers have reached an all time high!

Image Credit: Schick Online Magazine
Image Credit: Schick Online Magazine


Image credit : pulse.ng


5. Trench Coats

Whether ankara inspired or with other kinds of fabric, the trench coat screams sophistication. At #LFDW  my number one rocker of the trench coat was Denola Grey, who looked super stylish as always. And of course, his super awesome charm did not hurt matters

Image credit : pulse.ng
Image credit : pulse.ng


This is Ose signing Out!

Peace and love



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