#Poetry: Times and Stuff.

These end times are the coolest.

we have access to the most holistic pieces of information.

We could almost gain maximum insight.

It’s the most adventurous of times.

It’s time to reach the lengths, breadths, depths and heights of your ambition;

To do all you can to enrich the world.

To be all you can be, essentially.

Life is a wonder;

A mix of the good and the bad

Of pain and of gain.

It is inexplicable, yet can be explained

at the same time.

It’s like waves through which we thrive.

Published by osebinitie

Ose Binitie is no random blogger; having aced a blogging stint at FAB Magazine and now successfully running two independent blogs, she'd say she was pretty awesome. She loves language, music, writing and so many other things! Check out her posts at www.emphaticdynamo.com and hellurrrandom.wordpress.com

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