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#Poise: Cracking The Code on the Phylicia Rashad Poise Game| 5 Ways To Channel Phylicia Rashad

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Phylicia Rashad, Poise

Phylicia Rashad has been universally accepted as the answer to all poise questions. Her features on The Cosby Show give us more than a taste of her feminine mystique, consisting of a super strong internal energy slay, her alluring look and countless demure idiosyncrasies of hers worth channeling.


I studied Phylicia for more than a bit and came up with 5 ways to channel her:

1. Let your genuine smile be demure and refined; not a total beam

Phylicia Rashad, Poise


2. Strive for that alluring mysterious look. Keep your eyes glazed

Phylicia Rashad, Poise

3. Have that unsurprised look always, hiding your displeasure anger or sadness behind your smile.

Phylicia Rashad, Poise


Phylicia Rashad, Poise

4. On a second thought, show your displeasure in a superior way. Strive for smug or snooty. Imagine you’re talking to a really annoying person, but think in  your mind ‘I know it’s really in your nature to be annoying or rude, but it’s my glory to take the higher road and ignore your silliness’

Phylicia Rashad, Poise
Image Credit: Jet

5. Always have that self-love thang going on, sitting erect at all times. There’s no place for slouching in Phylicia’s world.

Phylicia Rashad, Poise

Phylicia Rashad, Poise
Image Credit : Getty Images


For you to be très efficace, you need a mirror, a camera and hours of practice to ensure you’re channelling Phylicia 100%


That’s about it folks.




#SponsoredPost: 10 Most Procured #BackToSchool Supplies!

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#BackToSchool Supplies

I always felt a rush going back to school for a new session. Why? Because a new session meant new shoes , a new school bag, a new pencil case, new uniforms, coloured pencils, water colour sets and of course, new friends because we always got shuffled into new arms in primary school.

Come secondary school, I got a new brand of snacks that I had to pay for, plus a technical drawing board, a math set I had to replace every so often, basket ball outfits and sneakers, with my rocking all stars cuz I was on the team! That was so fun!

Barratts shoes, a Nike bag and stationery from Rymans or BHS made my whole year for me, but times have changed, and Nigerian vendors are taking the fore!

What excited you about going to school when you were young?


In my opinion the top 10 procured items for back to school are:


1. School bag

2. School shoes

3. School uniform

4. Pencil case/math set

5. Math set

6. Trainers/ sneakers

7. Socks

8. Wrist watch

9. Pens and pencils

10. Exercise and text books


Meanwhile, see below 10 top vendors for primary and secondary school supplies.


1. Jumia


Image Credit:
Image Credit:

Jumia is definitely your one stop shop for everything on your back to school list. For pencil cases, socks, math set, crayons, pens? including bendy soft pencils for kiddies, click on this link


2. Konga

Image Credit:
Image Credit:

Super online store, Konga is another shop to get back to school supplies. Buy pencil cases  and school bags with your kiddo’s favourite cartoon character from konga on this link

Get super sturdy notepads, drawing boards, caligraphy sets , math sets and other cool stationery  on this konga link!

3. Bata Ng

Image Credit:
Image Credit:

Acquire different kinds of affordable sandals  and loafers from this store that utilises Italian leather for its footwear. Get school shoes as well as play shoes here

4. School KitsImage Credit:

School Kits has just about any thing you could think of for #BackToSchool supplies. It is is a one-stop shop for a wide range of requirements for students from pre-school age through the secondary (High) school age,  from school uniforms, dress accessories, stationery and other back-to-school items for pupils and schools to  footwear, sportwear and books, has it all

Order stationery and shoes here,  plus School Kits has this cool Helix pencil case for a mere N1500  here

There’s free delivery for items purchased for the value of over N20 , 000, and you can also track your orders online.

Also check out their deal of the day for huge discounts!



Image Credit:
Image Credit:

Check out this online store for really cool items for a school which links vendors with purchasers!

I found this really cute silicon pencil case on jiji

They also have really cool branded coloured pencils!


6. Schoolstoreng


Image Credit:
Image Credit:

On this site, you can get all manner of textbooks for kids, including igcse here. Order our textbooks.

Its address is 5, Force Road Onikan, Lagos Nigeria. 01-2917384. Send an email to to make your orders.



Image Credit:
Image Credit:

For your kiddies’ branded lunch boxes and bags, ballerina flats, pop socks and quality leather shoes, check out this link and guess what they are hosting a clearance sale right about now!



Image Credit: wholesaleng.comImage Credit: wholesaleng.comG

Get  trolley bags from the cartoon frozen and cute pencil cases, and basically everything you need for your kiddies  back to from this site!  Nation wide delivery is available on this site!

Call to place orders on 081 8500 3661, 080 333 911 33




Image Credit:
Image Credit:

Get the classic bic pens and other stationery from

Plus there’s a 20% price slash on these items



Image Credit:
Image Credit:

Get your basic stationery and accessories for the back to school spree here







#Style: 5 Style Handles to Follow on Instagram.

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#Hellurr style lovers!

How’s the going?

#scratchthat …I never say stuff like that…lol

It’s amazing how following a set of people on instagram could create a force field or  energy of somekind. If you adore effortless or sophisticated chic or street style, couture or even intellectual style, add these handles on your instagram feeds.





Alex Steadman
Image Credit: @thefrugality (Instagram)


  1. @thefrugality is the instagram handle for the blog which churns out articles on amazing trends, fashion, interior decor and a bit of general lifestyle, with its owner, Alex Stedman serving impeccable style and excellent flat-lays. It’s almost intellectual and if you’re not deep in style, you might not get it. It’s kind of like how not everyone gets Lisa Folawiyo’s personal style, but according to the style greats, she is incredibly stylish. Alex’s style is even more accessible though. She is more work a day and she has a good eye for incredible fashion pieces.
Image Credit: @thefrugality (Instagram)
Image Credit: @thefrugality (Instagram)
Image Credit: @thefrugality (Instagram)
Image Credit: @thefrugality (Instagram)
The Frugality Alex Steadman
Image Credit: @thefrugality (Instagram)


2. @lovinghautcouture is pure glory, making my sojourns on instagram worthwhile, with its sleek cuts and plunging neckline having me perpetually ooohing, aaahing, and sniping away at images I long to give my tailors to custom make my versions.
If you love couture, y’all better follow this handle!

Image Credit: @lovinghautecouture (Instagram)

Image Credit: @lovinghautecouture (Instagram)

Image Credit: @lovinghautecouture (Instagram)
Image Credit: @lovinghautecouture (Instagram)

3. Its the effortless chic of @street_style_paris that takes my breath away and makes fashion seem so easy. Every time I’m on that page I have a eureka moment. And of course, Mark Zuckerberg was right,
‘ The idea of a single eureka moment is a dangerous lie’, but it sure does feel complete when I’m on their page.

Enjoy both brand and individual street style on this handle!

Image Credit: @street_style_paris (Instagram)
Image Credit: @street_style_paris (Instagram)
Image Credit: @street_style_paris (Instagram)
Image Credit: @street_style_paris(Instagram)
Image Credit: @street_style_paris (Instagram)
Image Credit: @street_style_paris (Instagram)


Image Credit: @oyinlolus (Instagram)
Image Credit: @oyinlolus (Instagram)

4. Toujours elegant Oyinlolus blows me away over and over with the style palettes she creates herself. Her sophisticated chic style is indispensable when it comes to that cocktail, dinner, wedding outfits or when you’re planning your get up to that super cool office meeting; she has a great eye for fashion. Click here to find more style palettes she has created [Be sure to scroll all the way down😉]

Image Credit: @oyinlolus (Instagram)
Image Credit: @oyinlolus (Instagram)



Image Credit: @cassie daves (Instagram)
Image Credit: @cassiedaves (Instagram)

5. Lastly, style blogger @cassiedaves’ instagram layout is super organised with a lot of thought put into it. She has amazing style and y’all should check her out. She provides style posts, tips on how to master blogging and gain followership, as well as chronicles her life as a medical practitioner as well as her travels within and outside Africa.


Image Credit: @cassiedaves (Instagram)
Image Credit: @cassiedaves (Instagram)
Image Credit: @cassiedaves (Instagram)
Image Credit: @cassiedaves (Instagram)
Image Credit: @cassiedaves (Instagram)
Image Credit: @cassiedaves (Instagram)

That’s it folks!


So y’all check these handles and tell me what you think!


Bt-dubs, what’s your personal style?



#Poise: What is The Colour of Your Poise? | The Poise Game

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Lady at Paris Eiffel Tower + poise

Poise is the way you carry yourself in every aspect of your everyday life. Emotions are just emotions. Whether positive or negative, you could certainly make a game of poise out of it, no?

Shall we?

  1. Do you sway as you walk or are you stoic?

Lady swaying as she walks

2. Do you beam radiantly or do you wear a demure smile?

Agbani Darego beaming
Image Credit: Genevieve Magazine

Phylicia Rashad with a demure smile

3. How interesting is your look of introspection? Do you birth an idea or is there a twinkle in your eye?


birthing an idea
Image Credit : Dikko Photography

4. How do you wear your frown? Do your eyebrows arch or are they still? Is your anger glorious beneath beautiful tears or are you magnificent sans expression?

5. Do you sit up straight, with your shoulders high, and how do you cross your legs?

Audrey Hepburn on a stool, exhibiting poise
Image Credit:

Ladies sitting straight with legs crossedLady sitting in an upright posture

What’s your game of your poise?







#CelebratingWomenCampaign: Say Hellurr to Chemical Engineer and Baker, Aisha Danesi!

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Hellurrr everyone!

It’s our second edition of the #CelebratingWomenCampaign, and this time we’re celebrating entrepreneurship in women!


Meet Aisha Otsemobor Danesi, a Chemical Engineer and the brains behind Aida’s Bakeshop, an exquisite confectionery that churns out delicious pastries including doughnuts, cupcakes, cinnamon rolls and anything mouth watering dessert that could come up in your imagination.

I have watched Aida’s Bakeshop closely and I am so pleased with its meteorite growth, and I believe that Aisha’s passion, creativity and diligence would inspire other ladies to take the plunge and follow their passion to start a business!


#CelebratoryFact: Business/Entrepreneurship

1. Tell me about yourself

Aisha: I am a Nigerian, born and raised in Lagos. I graduated with a B.Sc in Industrial Chemistry from the University of Lagos and an M.Sc in Chemical Engineering from the University of Leeds. I’ve always been passionate about the sciences and how solutions can be created with its knowledge and application and wanted to be a part of that. I have also always enjoyed cooking, I am a self-taught baker.

2. How did you start your business and how did you decide that making pastries was the way to go?

Aisha: I started my business when I returned to Nigeria from the UK in the last quarter of 2016. With the recession in Nigeria and difficulty in getting jobs especially in my field, I had to come up with something while I waited. I have always tried to be independent, even with my supportive parents and as far back as when we had strikes in my undergraduate days, I would do some sort of business, mostly buying and selling. I never liked being idle. So the idea of baking came up because I had done it here and there privately but not professionally and one common feedback I got was, ‘You should do cooking professionally’ and that’s how my business was born.

3. What were the initial challenges you faced, given the Nigerian business terrain, and how did you
overcome them?

Aisha: The major challenge was getting the word out and competing with the known professionals in the industry. Pricing was an issue and I later discovered I was under-valuing my offering. Some people do not understand what goes into baking, the difference between high quality and low quality and this was a challenge.
I would say I am still working on it but I was able to use social media to showcase my work and the feedback has been quite unexpected and great. I had envisioned it would take longer than it actually took and I am grateful.

4. Who are your business mentors?

Aisha: There are 2 people that have helped me a lot. Dupe’s Bakery is one of them. She is such a great person. I knew her in my undergraduate days before she started baking. She is very industrious and I had patronised her previous business. She has helped with advice and has been very helpful. Also a classmate of mine Teemahcakesnmore who also shared some knowledge with me. She is always willing to share her knowledge.

5. Please expatiate on the positive impact of tertiary and post tertiary education in the running a
business that one is passionate about.

Aisha: It may not be completely necessary to have tertiary or post tertiary education to be successful and also tertiary education may not guarantee business success, but it is definitely more helpful than not. Tertiary education provides you with basic life skills, gives you the exposure to all kinds of people and helps you learn how to deal with difficult situations and people.
Education opens you up to a whole different level of thinking. I have had to play the role of marketing, finance, customer service in my own business and I have also had to educate myself continuously to keep up with the industry both in Nigeria and around the world.

6. How do you merge your business and a full time job

Aisha: I started my business and in less than 6 months after, I started a full time job as an Engineer in Oil and Gas. I usually get at most 4 hours of sleep. I have worked prior to my job and it entails a lot of brain work, long hours and working under pressure, so I have been able to manage things to an extent. It has been tough because I had been baking by myself from my home and I really can only take limited orders but I am definitely working on expanding to accommodate the numerous orders I get. In such a short time of about 7 months, I have so many clients, it’s quite overwhelming and encouraging.

7.Where do you see Aida's Bakeshop in the next 5 years?

Aisha: I definitely have big dreams for Aida’s Bakeshop. In 5 years I hope to be a leader in my craft running a world standard bakery and maintaining high quality while offering affordable treats to Nigerians. I hope to also train people in the craft, impart some knowledge and give back to my society.

8. On what platform do you interact with other small and medium scale entrepreneurs and what are
the benefits of such interactions

Aisha: Instagram has been a very helpful platform. Interactions and even inspirations have come from Instagram pages. Also, some collaborations have come out of it. I get a lot of my raw materials from sellers who advertise on Instagram, so it has been very helpful. There are also some gatherings organised for entrepreneurs I have attended a few times and business relationships have come out from them.

9. What were the proactive things you did to get and keep clients?

Aisha: For me, quality is very important to me. Being a Scientist and Engineer, details and accuracy is important to me. I work with numbers and proportions so I am always trying hard to get the best recipes. I source for the best materials irrespective of price because the taste makes a difference. My customers value quality and my prices are very reasonable and competitive. I have numerous loyal clients from this. Customer service is also very important. The customer is always right and is he centre of everything and my job is to provide a solution which is my product. I also do give-aways, discounts and freebies with orders over a certain amount.

10. Please expatiate on the role that social media plays in small and medium scale businesses of

Aisha: Social media has been a great tool for small and medium businesses. Not only does it connect you with clients, it connects you with other businesses similar to yours and this creates a healthy competition where you want to be better. When you see what other people are doing, it inspires you and helps you to want to grow and improve. A lot of businesses are on social media now because people like convenience. You are able to reach a wider audience, get materials, and inspiration for your business with social media.

11. Please give a word of advice for an intending business owner who is not sure how to start

Aisha: If you have a business idea, just start! There is no set way to start. I started from my parents’ house and I didn’t pay for any baking class. All I did was turn a passion into a business by using the internet as my class and the kitchen in my parents’ house as my laboratory. Yes, indeed you need some money but you can save towards this. Instead of buying that new smart phone you don’t need or “aso-ebi”, save that money and start a business that would enable you to buy an even better smartphone in the future. Another thing is that it doesn’t happen overnight, do not enter it because of money because you are more likely to fail. Go in with the mind of actually providing a solution to people the best way you can and money will come. Lastly always educate and improve yourself, never stay the same because other people are improving and can take over without warning.



That’s it folks!

Please follow @aidasbakeshop on instagram



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#HellurrrandomPoetry: The She Sango

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That awkward moment when you realise that Sango is an actual she
Hard to imagine a woman spewing fire
Incredible, but true.

Watch that volcano when she does not get her way or command that deserving fear
Catch the staggered eruption when her dependants do not hearken to her instructions fast enough
Or when the non affection becomes unbearable
Rerun that angry storm off
when she has been kept a minute too long

To quell this type of wrath is to play dumb
To call oneself stupid and say sorry
To resort to meaningless patronage
And to defer to the wisdom that exists
Only in the figment of her imagination
To say exactly what it is she wants to hear.