#Style: 5 Style Handles to Follow on Instagram.

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#Hellurr style lovers!

How’s the going?

#scratchthat …I never say stuff like that…lol

It’s amazing how following a set of people on instagram could create a force field or  energy of somekind. If you adore effortless or sophisticated chic or street style, couture or even intellectual style, add these handles on your instagram feeds.





Alex Steadman thefrugality.com
Image Credit: @thefrugality (Instagram)


  1. @thefrugality is the instagram handle for the blog thefrugality.com which churns out articles on amazing trends, fashion, interior decor and a bit of general lifestyle, with its owner, Alex Stedman serving impeccable style and excellent flat-lays. It’s almost intellectual and if you’re not deep in style, you might not get it. It’s kind of like how not everyone gets Lisa Folawiyo’s personal style, but according to the style greats, she is incredibly stylish. Alex’s style is even more accessible though. She is more work a day and she has a good eye for incredible fashion pieces.
Image Credit: @thefrugality (Instagram)
Image Credit: @thefrugality (Instagram)
Image Credit: @thefrugality (Instagram)
Image Credit: @thefrugality (Instagram)
The Frugality Alex Steadman
Image Credit: @thefrugality (Instagram)


2. @lovinghautcouture is pure glory, making my sojourns on instagram worthwhile, with its sleek cuts and plunging neckline having me perpetually ooohing, aaahing, and sniping away at images I long to give my tailors to custom make my versions.
If you love couture, y’all better follow this handle!

Image Credit: @lovinghautecouture (Instagram)

Image Credit: @lovinghautecouture (Instagram)

Image Credit: @lovinghautecouture (Instagram)
Image Credit: @lovinghautecouture (Instagram)

3. Its the effortless chic of @street_style_paris that takes my breath away and makes fashion seem so easy. Every time I’m on that page I have a eureka moment. And of course, Mark Zuckerberg was right,
‘ The idea of a single eureka moment is a dangerous lie’, but it sure does feel complete when I’m on their page.

Enjoy both brand and individual street style on this handle!

Image Credit: @street_style_paris (Instagram)
Image Credit: @street_style_paris (Instagram)
Image Credit: @street_style_paris (Instagram)
Image Credit: @street_style_paris(Instagram)
Image Credit: @street_style_paris (Instagram)
Image Credit: @street_style_paris (Instagram)


Image Credit: @oyinlolus (Instagram)
Image Credit: @oyinlolus (Instagram)

4. Toujours elegant Oyinlolus blows me away over and over with the style palettes she creates herself. Her sophisticated chic style is indispensable when it comes to that cocktail, dinner, wedding outfits or when you’re planning your get up to that super cool office meeting; she has a great eye for fashion. Click here to find more style palettes she has created [Be sure to scroll all the way down😉]

Image Credit: @oyinlolus (Instagram)
Image Credit: @oyinlolus (Instagram)



Image Credit: @cassie daves (Instagram)
Image Credit: @cassiedaves (Instagram)

5. Lastly, style blogger @cassiedaves’ instagram layout is super organised with a lot of thought put into it. She has amazing style and y’all should check her out. She provides style posts, tips on how to master blogging and gain followership, as well as chronicles her life as a medical practitioner as well as her travels within and outside Africa.


Image Credit: @cassiedaves (Instagram)
Image Credit: @cassiedaves (Instagram)
Image Credit: @cassiedaves (Instagram)
Image Credit: @cassiedaves (Instagram)
Image Credit: @cassiedaves (Instagram)
Image Credit: @cassiedaves (Instagram)

That’s it folks!


So y’all check these handles and tell me what you think!


Bt-dubs, what’s your personal style?



#Newfeature! #CelebratingWomenCampaign

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Hellurr Everyone! Trust y’all are doing great?

There’s going to be a new series on the blog tagged #CelebratingWomenCampaign, an inspirational series which celebrates women, identifying one or more things that are truly praiseworthy about them.

As ladies, it is important to celebrate and constantly inspire one another. This series would feature interviews of exceptional women who would share glean worthy truths that other women can learn from!

It’s going to be fun and as interactive as y’all post comments.

The first woman to be celebrated is loading pretty soon.

Y’all betturrr watch out!

#TheHellurrrandomTalkShow: Branding in Show Business

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Hellurr Everyone!

Are you ready for something great? Because I know I am!

The Hellurrrandom Talk Show has come to light, featuring international media maker, Dupe Oyebolu, and we discuss branding in show business. It was such a great and stimulating conversation, sharing the dynamics of evolving a world class brand.

Borne out of a random conversation, our thoughts have metamorphosed into something more. If you’re looking to build a strong brand, check out this video!


Plus…let me have your feels on the show in the comment section!

Many thanks…


The Brick versus The Mortar

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Fikayo Bamishingbin had had a long day at the office processing fund transfers on the basis interface. It was ten minutes to the hour of five and her blood began to boil. Her brain had for the most part shut down, and so she had to postpone her planned run to Tesco for Walburtons bread for the next day’s breakfast sandwiches.  She logged off her Microsoft office account and ran to the printer to check for more fund transfers to process. Luckily there was none; she wouldn’t have to stay over time.


She walked to the kitchen and while she washed her jollof rice stained plastic bowl, Fikayo daydreamed of the hot shower she would take when she got home. Hopefully, none of her uncle’s kids would distract her with incredible stories of their day at school. Or hopefully, her brain would not totally erase this plan from her memory as she staggered to bed knackered, barely cleaning off her makeup, as she had done for two consecutive days. Hopefully not.


Washed and dried, she loaded her plastic bowl into the maroon bag she had gotten from Ebele’s wedding. It came in handy as it pacified Aunty Mope,  who complained that Fikayo’s using Tesco bags to hold her lunch was mauvais goût- in poor taste.


Fikayo trudged up the basement staircase of Columbia Bank, greeted her favourite security guard and made her way to the Oxford Circus underground station, which was about seven minutes from her place of work.


A whole year in London had not prepared her for the insidious cold weather that had started since September. With every day, the weather got colder by one degree. She had carefully worn her gloves and tucked  both hands into the left pocket of her winter jacket, only because the zipper of the right one was stuck.


She was too cold and tired to enjoy the awesome wonder of nearby Topshop and Miss Selfridge this time. Maybe tomorrow, she would pop in for some quality window shopping.


At the staircase leading to the Oxford circus underground tunnel, Fikayo was greeted with the Evening Standard shoved into her face by a volunteer vendor. She didn’t mind at all, as she had picked up on voracious reading; The Economist, Financial Times, NME, Stylist and just about any other free magazine she could lay her hands on or subscribe to online. Today, the Evening Standard was to be her companion on her incredibly long journey to Enfield.


Christmas was already in the air, and Marks and Spencer had gotten in its groove, advertising appealing Christmas dessert on Standard’s cover page. Fikayo’s eyes rolled down to the bottom of the page and noticed it’s year of establishment: 1884, older than The Economist’s by two years. Stella Artois’ was 1366 as far as she knew.


Fikayo remembered when Sholape her friend in undergraduate philosophy and logic class maintained that institutions were more important than the people passing through them. The brick was more important than the mortar. The brick being institutions and the mortar being people. People pass through institutions but those institutions would always remain- other things being equal, Sholape said, unflinchingly.


Amidst her fatigue, Fikayo’s mind, immediately ran back to her beloved country, Nigeria. How many companies could it boast of with  such old establishment dates. Did her people still have the patience to start from scratch? Did they have the tenacity to build institutions future generations would enjoy?


Those were the thoughts that ran through Fikayo’s mind on her long train ride home.


#Tag: #TheBelieversTag!

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#Hey guys!

I’m doing the Believers Tag, and I was tagged by Tosin Alabi, going by the fact that I’m an avid follower of her blog! Check her tag here. I did this tag organically and couldn’t wait to share my answers! #Checckit!

1. When did you give your life to Christ?
Loooool. Let’s just say I was one of those people that could say I was born born again hehe. I gave my life to Christ probably at 5 or 6 and had this great zeal to join the choir and stuff. I was also not sure of my salvation, so every time I went to church and I heard the whole…’If rapture comes…are you sure you’re going to heaven’ kind of speech…I would give my life to Christ all over again or if I heard a sermon on tv I would say the sinner’s prayer again. It basically became a recital-albeit a genuine one. ( I’m over that kind of life now)
But this amazing lady, Ope Oduwole came to my church when I was in SS1 , and my walk with God became real! It was almost like she empowered us to be able to activate our relationship with God. I could feel him. I had the strength to study the word and get revelation. I would fast on my own, by myself! I began to walk in the gifts of the spirit!and I felt the liquid love of God. I’m giving a shout out to Ope for submitting to God and allowing Him to use her to bless me and all the teenagers at The Chapel of the Healing Cross.

2. How did your family receive your conversion?
Well there was no problem basically, as I have sort of always been a Christian and I have always been excited about God. But I guess when I became a bit carried away at university, my mum became concerned, and of course took some steps to put me in order.

3. What is your favourite time to fellowship with God?
In the mornings, because my brain is refreshed and alert.

4. How often do you pray?
I pray everyday definitely. Usually more than 30 minutes, but also multiple times as I go through my day and certain issues come to my mind, I pray about them

5. What is your favourite book/books of the bible?

Proverbs and Psalms. I really enjoy the language of the word of God. Oftentimes, I laugh by myself when I read certain things or I just marvel at stuff I now see that I didn’t before. I also like the book of Ephesians, especially because of the prayers about strength in the inner man, revelation, inheritance etc-Ephesians 1 and 3

6. What church do you attend?

Petra Christian Centre😊😊😊

7. How would you describe your relationship with God?

It’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. He is my father and he always gives me a word that refreshes my soul. He could also be comical and gets me when when no one else does. He is also really patient with me as I work on discerning his voice and following his instructions.

8. What challenges have you faced in your walk with God?

I would say with regard to stuff like winning souls, patience in seeing the outcome of my prayers and not jumping the gun until God says it’s time for their sonship to be manifest. Also, with regard to stuff like healing, just figuring out how many times I have to confess the word for a specific kind of healing to manifest. Also, I might find it challenging speaking in tongues or praying for like really long hours -say 3, 4 or 5. I usually prefer short hours or minutes multiple times a day

9. What are your spiritual goals?

I have a couple. Not sure I can share all, but one of them is really figuring out the dynamics of faith, and being able to give a testimony about something tangible my faith has brought about.

So I added a question
10. Who’s your favourite gospel musician?

But of course, Francesca Battistelli!

Check my review of this song on my sister blog!  Oh wait, actually, hellurrrandom is the sister blog…lol

Hope you enjoyed this! Do the tag as well!