#Poise: Cracking The Code on the Phylicia Rashad Poise Game| 5 Ways To Channel Phylicia Rashad

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Phylicia Rashad, Poise

Phylicia Rashad has been universally accepted as the answer to all poise questions. Her features on The Cosby Show give us more than a taste of her feminine mystique, consisting of a super strong internal energy slay, her alluring look and countless demure idiosyncrasies of hers worth channeling.


I studied Phylicia for more than a bit and came up with 5 ways to channel her:

1. Let your genuine smile be demure and refined; not a total beam

Phylicia Rashad, Poise


2. Strive for that alluring mysterious look. Keep your eyes glazed

Phylicia Rashad, Poise

3. Have that unsurprised look always, hiding your displeasure anger or sadness behind your smile.

Phylicia Rashad, Poise


Phylicia Rashad, Poise

4. On a second thought, show your displeasure in a superior way. Strive for smug or snooty. Imagine you’re talking to a really annoying person, but think in  your mind ‘I know it’s really in your nature to be annoying or rude, but it’s my glory to take the higher road and ignore your silliness’

Phylicia Rashad, Poise
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5. Always have that self-love thang going on, sitting erect at all times. There’s no place for slouching in Phylicia’s world.

Phylicia Rashad, Poise

Phylicia Rashad, Poise
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For you to be très efficace, you need a mirror, a camera and hours of practice to ensure you’re channelling Phylicia 100%


That’s about it folks.




#Poise: What is The Colour of Your Poise? | The Poise Game

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Lady at Paris Eiffel Tower + poise

Poise is the way you carry yourself in every aspect of your everyday life. Emotions are just emotions. Whether positive or negative, you could certainly make a game of poise out of it, no?

Shall we?

  1. Do you sway as you walk or are you stoic?

Lady swaying as she walks

2. Do you beam radiantly or do you wear a demure smile?

Agbani Darego beaming
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Phylicia Rashad with a demure smile

3. How interesting is your look of introspection? Do you birth an idea or is there a twinkle in your eye?


birthing an idea
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4. How do you wear your frown? Do your eyebrows arch or are they still? Is your anger glorious beneath beautiful tears or are you magnificent sans expression?

5. Do you sit up straight, with your shoulders high, and how do you cross your legs?

Audrey Hepburn on a stool, exhibiting poise
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Ladies sitting straight with legs crossedLady sitting in an upright posture

What’s your game of your poise?