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#SponsoredPost #StreetFoodReview: Hellurr Hajia! I want Toast!

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Eggs creamy as vanilla ice cream, slathered in titus and  chili sauce,  enveloped in crispy ‘teddy bear’ impressioned toast, is the name of the game. And Hajia’s Toast and Grills plays no favourites; if you’ve got no change, your toast goes to the next person. If you take too long, someone else gets it and you get the next one in no time because this delicious toast keeps coming! Hundred Naira (N100) never felt so well spent!

If you’re ever in the Alausa area, by the Lagos State Secretariat Mosque, casually walk to the kiosk right in front of it, and you’ll find toast for you! It would certainly serve as a satisfying work-a-day lunch.


Y’all try it out and tell me about it

 Please call the following numbers to order:



Bt dubs: what is your favourite kind of toast?


Food Review: Serene versus Life-On-The-Fast-Lane Vibes Chez PanCake Hub

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Trudging through a gate into the building and though a footpath, my friend Dups and I beheld a quaint little hut-esque structure in a serene environment with loads of greens, Never mind that it was slightly uneasy to find because there wasn’t exactly a logo at number 17 Jibowu Street. Let me take that back. There wasn’t a logo of pancake hub that I could see without crossing the street and standing really close to it.


We both had their family special consisting of two pancakes, scrambled eggs and sausages. I was slighly tickled by the fact that the menu said sausages, but it was actually one sausage cut in half. The pancakes were alright, the maple, chocolate and caramel syrups satisfactory, but I guess I would have preferred the pancakes creamier, and maybe the long benches furnished backrests.

On a high note, we were greeted by polite cooks and an easy going manager also interacted with us quite a bit,  who definitely spread that ease.

I also had this debate with Dups about the ambience being too serene. I feel like pancakes are not the average Nigerian breakfast (lol, yes we went in the morning), and so I would have preferred a life-on-the-fast-line kind of vibe


But i guess serene also works…hmm

What does anyone think?


PS: We also had an interesting conversation with Musa from Brainiacs. So just in case you want to learn to code, hit the website


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#FoodReview: The M&S Hoisin Duck Wrap

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Say hellurr to the M&S Hoisin Duck Wrap.

Savour this indulgent tortilla wrap stuffed with  British duck in  its roasty goodness, an unforgettable hoisin and plum sauce, as well as spinach, spring onions and succulent cucumber bits.

If I ever tasted the colour purple, I’d say it was akin to the M&S hoisin and plum sauce. It was indeed love at first bite with this wrap.

I’d say it’d be a great packed lunch for work or school, and could eat it hot or cold, depending on your preference.

It’s M&S all the way, y’all!





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 Image Credit: Ose Binitie