7 Tips on how to Read 20 Books in One Year

    #HellurrGuys, There is nothing more amazing than reading for pleasure, and to have its creamy words relax your brain and nerves after a long day. There is also the motivation that comes with reading power books. Couple those together, and you have an super reading year. 2019 was such a great year forContinue reading “7 Tips on how to Read 20 Books in One Year”

#Discourse: Book Reading of Ekene Onu’s Aristocrat Wives.

Ekene Onu is simply a joy and I find that all that she says in her videos and newsletters are truly who she is. She is super refreshed to the extent that even her voice sounds refreshed and completely at peace.

#BookReview: ‘ Whisper My Secret: A Memoir’ by JB Rowley

  Australian memoir by JB Rowley recounts the story of Mrytle Webb, a young na├»ve lady who falls pregnant out of wedlock and is forced to marry Henry Bishop, older than her by 10 years, who impregnates her. She has two more children with him, through a cold and rough marriage, with a controlling mother-in-lawContinue reading “#BookReview: ‘ Whisper My Secret: A Memoir’ by JB Rowley”

#Poise101 #BookReview: ‘How To Be a Lady’ by Candace Simpson-Giles

‘Exact’ is how I would describe this book. Candace Simpson-Giles simply tells the lady in waiting what she is to do and what she isn’t to do matter-of-factly, an approach I appreciate 100%. She is not kept guessing or given double meanings.