#Finance: ‘L’ Is For Lasaco! Get Acquainted With Lasaco Assurance and Its Amazing Investment Products

#Hellurr guys!
I’ve got some amazing products for you. In collaboration with Lasaco Assurance, a strong Insurance company incorporated since 1979, I am bringing you these products which constitute investment options for the future. These products cater to the millennial and generational need to set financial targets, develop a compulsory savings culture and leave a lasting legacy for your family, community and the world at large.

#SponsoredPost: The ABC’s of Graphics with David’s Design! ||

A hearty chat with David’s Design revealed to me The Basics of Graphic Design, which consist of the line, the shape, the color, the texture, the value and the space. When choosing a graphic designer to accompany you on your brand discovery and unleashing, ‘You need one that you can trust to ask you the…

#SponsoredPost: 10 Most Procured #BackToSchool Supplies!

I always felt a rush going back to school for a new session. Why? Because a new session meant new shoes , a new school bag, a new pencil case, new uniforms, coloured pencils, water colour sets and of course, new friends because we always got shuffled into new arms in primary school. Come secondary…