Something Touristy: Downtown, Abbey Road Studios

Lool…as if Abbey Road Studios were actually downtown. I had to take the train and travel 2 tube lines. But it was so worth it! If you’re a fan of rock and roll, scratch that… if you are a hardcore music lover, this studio should mean something to you, as countless Grammy award winners haveContinue reading “Something Touristy: Downtown, Abbey Road Studios”

Travelogue: All’s Well That Ends in Grantham!

    All’s well that ends in the steady town of Grantham, where the United Kingdom royals stop over to rest on their way to distant ┬áplaces. I stopped over at the Guildhall Town Centre, remniscent of a building in Sagamu (picture above). Hometown of the legendary Conservative Prime Minister, Thatcher, Margaret, in the heartContinue reading “Travelogue: All’s Well That Ends in Grantham!”

Travelogue: Spoils from Cambridge!

#Hellurrguys! I took a solo trip to Cambridge by train to do something a tad adventurous. Cambridge is such an academic town. I guess that’s one of the things I like about it. It is also quiet, and nobody uses oyster cards…lol I visited the University of Cambridge Botanic Garden and the Fitzmaurice Museum. TheContinue reading “Travelogue: Spoils from Cambridge!”