#Beauty: How to Revive your Old Wigs || #GuestPost: by Layo Ketiku

  Ladiesssssss get in here, This one is for you. How are you all doing? Hope this post meets you well. Today‚Äôs post is as a result of my never ending surfing of the internet. Okay, a little back story: I have one wig that started looking like a wet rat after a couple ofContinue reading “#Beauty: How to Revive your Old Wigs || #GuestPost: by Layo Ketiku”

#Hair: Styling The Half Bun for the Runway.

The half bun is probably my favourite way of styling my hair in all the world because it makes for amazing street style even on a languorous day.
Secondly, British babes steady wear their hair in the half bun, giving me all kinds of feels, so I’ve basically been hooked since 2015.

British Buns and Their Severity!

London Town has awesome street style, but one that has stood out to me is the severity of the buns of the lady folk. Whether you’re wearing your hair negro natural or causasian curly, sleek asian or in braids, the classic bun always ties up your look! Just ask these ladies! All you need isContinue reading “British Buns and Their Severity!”