#Discourse: Empty Lyrics, Probably not a Mistake || #GuestPost by Seun Afuye

  Have you ever, after following the hype and rave reviews of a product- restaurant, food, movie, song, found yourself cloaked in utter disappointment after splashing out on the said product? I have. Disappointment could not begin to encapsulate the emotions that shrouded me after downloading and listening extensively to Small Doctor’s smashing hit song,Continue reading “#Discourse: Empty Lyrics, Probably not a Mistake || #GuestPost by Seun Afuye”

#CelebratingWomenCampaign with Multi-talented Saxophonist and Blogger, Tuke Morgan!

Her honest account of her journey through life on her blog is what makes her so inspirational. She is willing to try new things and put herself out there, and is in no way ungenerous with the life lessons she gleans from her experiences.

#RandomMusings: Things On My Grind Lately

#Hellurrguys! Life has changed tremendously for me over these past weeks, and I thought to share some of my random thoughts that have made me smile in between 😊         1. French I have always been a language person. In my head, I think it’d be super awesome to emote in delicious FrenchContinue reading “#RandomMusings: Things On My Grind Lately”

#MusicPlaylist: 10 Tracks I’ve been Vibing to Most Recently

  Hey Guys.   Welcome to another random post.lol   In times of deep mental and physical stress, music and handstands get us through.    There was a time I was really current with music, but that time is not now. I listen to music on a whim and my ears randomly catch things thatContinue reading “#MusicPlaylist: 10 Tracks I’ve been Vibing to Most Recently”